Below is an incomplete road map and upcoming release cycle for Archapolis. This list will continued to be filled out over time. Everything below is subject to change. The current and expected next release are listed at the top. Older releases will be listed at the bottom of the page.


  • Finished - may require fine tuning/balancing. Otherwise, this feature is fully implemented
  • Mostly Finished - core concept is implemented, but not all edge cases are implemented
  • Partially Finished - core concept is partially implemented.
  • In Development - development just started
  • Not started - development has not started yet

Version 0.2 - "A shell of a city builder" - In Development

Version 0.2 will be the second release of Archapolis. The goal is to have a game with functionality of around SimCity 2000 with real time traffic. Functionality is TBD, but I will likely add the following:

Expected Release Date: 6/1/2023

last updated 3/5/2023

  • Place/Connect 1x1 and 2x2 roads
  • Create the road graph/network
  • Path finding on roads
  • Deleting roads
  • Upgrading/downgrading roads
  • Smooth/floating point movement
  • Intelligent intersection path finding logic
    • e.g. Don't enter full intersection
  • Intelligent traffic lights
  • Sidewalks
  • Curved roads (predefined)
  • Parking spaces
  • Bus lanes
  • Eight degrees of movement
  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Boats
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Place Zones, buildings, and rooms
  • Path finding In buildings
  • Path finding on property
  • Building furniture/decor placement
  • Room functionality rules
  • Building blueprints
  • Object based AI/path finding
    • Go to bed in bedroom when tired
    • Use shower/toilet in bathroom
    • Use stove in kitchen
    • Use table when eating
  • Handle construction cycle (only at night?)
  • Ability to close down roads/lanes
  • Provide attractions
  • Provide city services
  • Set cultural policies
  • Set economic policies
  • Construction and development time
  • Federal Funding with Requirements
  • General profit per purchase
  • General demand for broad goods/services/utilities
  • 30% cost increase for imported goods/services/utilities (less tax revenue)
  • General residential, commercial, office, industrial demand
  • Give tax breaks to specific industries/services to influence growth
  • Compete against neighboring cities for talent in all industries/services
  • Individual agent bank/spending accounts
  • Individual business bank/spending accounts
  • Real time resources (importing/exporting/usage)
  • Building Supply/Demand
  • Electricity
    • Generation
    • Distribution (power lines)
    • Importing
    • Exporting
  • Gas
    • Drilling
    • Distribution
    • Importing
    • Exporting
  • Oil
    • Drilling
    • Distribution
    • Importing
    • Exporting
  • Water
    • Personal Wells
    • City Supply
    • Distribution (pipes)
  • Sewage
    • Personal Septic Tanks
    • City infrastructure (pipes)
    • Sewage Treatment
  • Specific Commercial Demand
    • Grocery Stores (by type)
    • Gas Stations
    • Clothing Stores (by type)
    • General Stores
    • Restaurants (by type)
  • Hire council members to automate city management
    • Fire Marshall - Handles Dispatching, Fire Safety
    • Chief of Police - Handles Dispatching, Crime
    • Hospital - Handles Dispatching, Health
    • Head of Education
    • Head of Religion - Advocates for religious needs
    • Head of Transportation - Handles Road Repairs
    • Architect - Gives Access to Blue Prints
    • Lawyer - Gives Access to Eminent Domain
    • Treasurer - Gives Access to Taxes, Bonds
  • Keep council members happy
  • Losing and/or replacing council members
  • Lose entire board if voted out of office
  • Salary determines ability to attract talent
  • Attract top talent in any/all industries to your city
  • Fulfilling (more) resident demands attracts more people to city
  • Work on keeping the city safe, healthy, and profitable
  • Hot patch asset updates
  • Residential building art assets
  • Commercial building art assets
  • Office building art assets
  • Industrial building art assets
  • Nature art assets
  • City infrastructure assets
  • Lighting (day/night cycle, object-sourced lighting)
  1. Player starts with land purchased from successful business exit
  2. Highway runs through the map
  3. First roads and power poles are placed
  4. First homes are created (from scratch). Localized water/sewage
  5. First industry is determined and build city off of
  6. Begin fulfilling commercial needs as population increases
  7. Expand industry/service economies
  8. Begin hiring board members
  9. Use taxes to make city more desirable
  10. Offer more luxurious housing to attract talent
  • Add Z-Levels
    • Terrain
    • Multi-floor buildings
    • Roads/Bridges/Tunnels
  • Add bodies of water
    • Rivers
    • Ponds
    • Ocean
  • Add biomes
  • Add Maps/Overlays
    • Property Value
    • Traffic
    • Pollution
    • Natural Resources
    • Utilities
    • Fulfillment/Happiness
    • Building Levels
    • Noise Pollution
    • Fire Safety
    • Crime
    • Transportation
    • Population
    • Outside Connections
    • Leisure
    • Heating
    • Road Maintenance
    • Tourism
Version 0.1 - "A new toy" - RELEASED

Version 0.1 will be the first release of Archapolis. This release is considered a prototype or "toy". You will be able to stress test the engine's path finding, create zones/buildings/rooms, and place roads. There is no game loop, no demand, no saving, and no AI.

You should be able to path hundreds of thousands of units around a huge grid (up to 13 square miles of city by intersection count, but compressed into a smaller map). You'll also be able to see the unit path preferences in action. Expect about 10 minutes of content.

Release Date: 6/26/2022
Development Time: 7 months