Hello, and welcome to my developer blog. This blog is for documenting the progress I've made on Archapolis. I'm blogging for myself, because it's nice to look back on my progress for future inspiration. I've accomplished some amazing technical feats so far, such as pushing the boundaries of pathfinding algorithms (more later).

I quit my job of ten years in the middle of the covid pandemic to start this journey, and so far it has been immensely rewarding. Being in survival mode certainly wakes up the pioneering spirit. The thing is, I don't want to develop video games for the rest of my life. My end goal is to compose classical music until death. At least in the USA, classical music is dead. The last major burst of publicly accepted compositions were from the minimalists of the 1980s (Glass, Reich, etc.). A composer cannot function alone, so I'll need lots of money to hire musicians and to market myself. Having not gone to college, I do not have any connections to the world in which I belong.

Published Date: 06/13/2022
Total Development Time: 0 months